Why FICA tax if no earned income?


My wife has no earned income, but ESPlanner is showing her as paying FICA taxes every year. What is driving this?


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I'm seeing something similar to this, but it's only on my survivor report for the years where I'd have large withdrawals from my retirement accounts (and definitely no earned income).

CORRECTION: I'm seeing it on ALL tax reports, both regular planning and the contingent planning for myself and my spouse.

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You may be seeing the Unearned Income Medicare Contribution tax? This is a new tax that treats unearned income over $250,000 the same as earned income over $250,000. Since this is a Medicare Part A tax, we (ESPlanner) report it as FICA.


Thanks, that seems to be it. Does the software split those types of taxes on unearned income 50/50 between me/my wife?

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I'm not sure. Perhaps that tax detail worksheet in the PDF would offer some clue, but I assume so yes.

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