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Financial Planning Software

Developed by Boston University economist, Laurence Kotlikoff, ESPlanner eliminates the guess work in financial planning. Its patented algorithms do lifetime budgeting, calculating how much to spend, save, and insure each year to maintain your family's living standard. ESPlanner also helps you find safe ways to raise your living standard, often dramatically. And it shows you the living standard risks and rewards of aggressive investing and how to build a floor to your living-standard.

Designed by economists for households and financial planners

Our Approach

ESPlanner finds your annual spending targets! It suggests what you can spend each year without running out of money and having your living standard fall... more

ESPlanner fully integrates retirement, tax, college, insurance, housing, Social Security, investment, career, re-location, divorce, and other types of... more

No one wants to splurge today and starve tomorrow, nor do the opposite. Life-cycle consumption smoothing —balancing our living standard... more

Creating a lifetime financial plan requires putting everything on the table. ESPlanner incorporates all the inputs, taxes, and benefits listed below.... more

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