Why does ESPlanner include Dimensional Sector Funds/ETFs in it's Portfolio asset classes?

ESPlanner offers Dimensional asset classes with real returns and relative risks. I'd like to enter my own ETF choices instead.


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When you are in Monte Carlo mode, go to New Asset and enter the return history on that asset. You must have at least ten years of history.

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Thanks Dan. I knew I could do that but was hoping that I could just enter a stock or ETF symbol and that ESPlanner could figure it out for me.

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No, sorry. If I were using Monte Carlo, I'd try to match up my portfolio with asset classes that have long histories like the S&P large caps etc. I'd be worried about skewed results based on shorter histories. They all have at least 10 years of history, but who knows how representative that last ten years is of the next 30 + :)

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