Is there a limit on number of assets in Monte Carlo?

I'm inputting my assets so that I can build portfolios based upon the assets that I own. My latest entries do not seem to be saved. Is there a limit on the number of assets? If so how can I delete the assets you pre-populated in the program. I don't intend to use any of the Dimensional Assets and if there is a limit on the number of assets I want to delete the Dimensional ones.


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I don't think there is, but I will check.

How many had you created before you notice they weren't saving? Is an asset xml file created in the private asset folder when you create a new one?

It was 24-30 assets. I'm sure I input several that were not recorded. I thought I made a mistake on one and went back to edit it and saw it wasn't there. That's when I discovered several of my last entries were missing. There is a file in the data folder called ESPLastinputs.xml. In the private folder there seems to be 27 individual securities xml files.

I noticed today that some, but not all assets I am missing have an xml file. However they do not show up on the list in the program to use.

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I'd have to have Darryl look at this in a support ticket if you want to follow up. Just create a support ticket and that way he can track your responses etc. He might need to see your database or that /data folder.

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