Social Security on version 37.2

I've been a steady user for the past 5 years and just renewed my subscription of ESP Plus. Comparing outputs after the upgrade to 37.2 for 35.2, I seem to have lost a considerable amount of SS benefits (from 34,636 down to 33,382). I don't recall any change to SS that would account for this change. I had already rolled forward to the new year and entered in the appropriate EOY numbers for my accounts. I made no changes to the file with the exception of updating Mutual Fund returns for 2017 (VTSAX, VBTLX, VTIAX). Then I just ran it.

Any idea what's going on with this loss in SS? Thanks.


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I can't think of why that would be off hand. There is a setting for "change in SS" that perhaps got changed on you? Did your earnings history change? I can ask our expert Mike here.

Please upload your database and identify which profile you're referring to.
Also, upload the complete pdf report of the version 35.2 results, be sure it is complete and shows all input, assumptions, and output.
I'll look into it.

Here are the files you requested.

Here is the pdf prior to the 2.37.2 update.

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Don't forget that PDF report that Mike asked for. You can add that as well.

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Actually, it's better to add this to a new support ticket where we can track it and get notifications.

Please be sure to respond on forum as to what was wrong. I am interest as I would guess many other are. Thanks.

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Yes, so Frank can maybe report back.

ESPlanner 2.37 included the 2018 annual updates of the Social Security parameters.
The National Average Wage Index only increased by 1.1% versus your estimated inflation of 2.7%. Since your index year is in the future, that means that your high 35 years of indexed earnings is lower in ESPlanner 2.37 than in ESPlanner 2.35. Hence, your Social Security benefits are lower.

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