Pension Value For Current Year


I have an entry in the Pensions tab for a previous year (2012) for a pension that has 0 inflation indexation. In the reports the value for the pension for 2015 has been discounted from the value that was entered in 2012. But the value of the pension received in 2015 is the same as it was in 2012. Do I have to re-enter the pension each new year to maintain a constant nominal value in the current year?


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That may be a glitch in the rollover script when you use that (if you used that). If not, yes, better reenter that.

I asked this same question on this gotcha a long time ago (in the old forum) and the answer was also yes, you need to re-enter each year. Even though you re-enter the same amount, that amount has less purchasing power in the current year than it did in 2012 due to inflation.

There are other gotchas like this where you have to re-enter stuff. I think one of them is the Monte Carlo portfolios (unless they fixed it recently) ... if you created a portfolio using the provided canned assets and on a new release the real returns of those assets are changed in the app, I think the returns used for the assets in the old portfolio are the old return values. You have to re-enter the portfolio assets again to get the new values. I never would have known this if I didn't stumble on it.

If these things are challenging to fix, it would be nice (in the interim) to at least have a list of things one needs to re-enter on rollovers or when values change on new releases.


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