New Release

ESPlanner 2.36.0 is now publicly available. The release notes are available here:

The email notice for this will go out this week, but thought I'd let those of you that check the forum know now. This was a time-consuming release, and we'll now be on a regular schedule again.



Thank you for the updated release. What is your "regular" release schedule?
James Mavrogenis

dan royer's picture

I'll have to ask Darryl, but I think it's quarterly or more often as needed.

jsalino's picture

What should the expectation be for a monte carlo report in parallels, time wise?

dan royer's picture

I don't know. It runs on my windows machine in about one minute or perhaps 1:30. I wouldn't think it would be more than a couple of minutes.

dan royer's picture

The plan is quarterly, with critical fix updates done as needed.

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