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Dan, if you enter a search term and find a message, the link for registered users to create a new question allows you to create a new one. If you enter a search term and get nothing, the link is gone. You have to back out to get to where you can add a new question.

Also, the search is labeled as "subject". Does it also search tags at the same time?


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OK. thanks. i'll try to get that navigation improved. And yes, it does include tags in the search. Lots of little usability issues in a new site. thanks for your help!

There's much to do, I'm sure, but it looks pretty good. Congrats on a successful rollout.

Unless I'm missing something, the only way to get to the question forum is from the footer of the page. The link is lost among a mass of text. I suggest you make it a little more prominent, perhaps on the Learn More page, in the same font as the major headings there. If you want to de-emphasize it a bit, put it at the bottom of that list.

My 2 cents.

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Yes, there's been some internal debate here as to where that should go. I have a shortcut in my admin bar, but when not logged in I think the same as you. So yeah, maybe it really is a Learn More item.

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Given that clicking the "sort by recent comment" button above the list presents the same view as is provided in the Recent Comments block view at right, I wonder if the new one I added "New Content" would be a better use of that space (i.e., replace Recent Comments with New Content). This would save the user from clicking the checkbox and sorting (a setting that won't stick between clicks).

Can you put the date in small font next to the Topic so we can see it? Maybe date of most recent comment would be most useful...because a comment in this context is often an answer or additional answer to a question.

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I'm not sure that I quite follow you here. The date next to the topic? There are two, sometimes three blocks on the right--topics (these are alphabetical and the parentheses indicates how many questions there are related to that topic), Recent Comments (this is looking at any comment entered and showing you the questions that have most recently been commented on with most recent at the top), and finally, the third block which only shows when you have not seen a question or comment, a list of new content (defined as either new question or old question that has a new comment). Once you have viewed all new questions or comments, this list goes away or becomes shorter as you view them. Is that last block list the one you are suggesting would benefit by having a date by it?

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