Life Insurance Premiums

How can I adjust the household life insurance premiums so that they are accurate? The actual premiums paid are ~$9,000 annually, but the program has calculated the current amount of annual premums to be $36,442. The recommended annual premium amounts are not realistic at $68k - $130k depending on the year. I adjusted the assumed load on life insurance premiums to zero, but that only made a slight difference. Thank you.


dan royer's picture

The term life insurance recommendations are accurate to the dollar of how much is needed to support the survivor's "per adult living standard" that you see in the Recommendation report in the right column. The cost of that could vary depending on the health of the individual and the company you purchase from. Our costs in total spending report on insurance reflect an average based on our research of various company costs.

Note the recommended amount does not impact your living standard itself--it's the COST of that recommended amount that is the factor in your personal economy.

So to override those recommendations, you'd need to use the ESTATE panel and indicate that the survivor should have a lower living standard in the event of your death for example. It might take a bit of trial and error to get that right.

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