How do I enter Social Security Spousal Benefit?

I'm 71 and receiving SS since I was 66; my wife is 66. She just filed and suspended (until 70). She is receiving the spousal benefit in the meantime, but I can't get ESPlanner to recognize that. How do I enter the data? I have pasted all the past earnings into ESP, fyi.


dan royer's picture

It should calculate that and show her spousal benefit.

But I don't think your wife "filed and suspended." So if you indicated that in the program, you should undo that. She simply filed to claim her spousal benefit. There would be no reason for her to file and suspend since you are older and she qualifies I assume for a spousal benefit on your record and then she can move to her own benefit when she turns 70.

Thanks, I now see what I need to do: uncheck box 1, she has not yet filed for _retirement_ ss benefits. In box 2 indicate she will receive retirement benefits at age 70, spousal benefits at 66 (she retired) and ... voila, her spousal benefits show up as you say, and her own benefits kick in at age 70.

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