Growth for SSA and Special Receipts

There must be a reason but I don't see growth for SSA (hard to predict I know) or Special Receipts even though I did add a growth factor to Receipts. It shows the columns for today's and growth numbers on the entry screen but the spreadsheets reports don't show these two incomes growing so I am not sure it is a fair compare to my retirement accounts which do show growth according to the assumption I entered. Should I take growth out all together? But then My annuity which is fixed is showing a decline over time which is to be expected with 3% inflation a year?


dan royer's picture

All of the reports are in today's dollars. So if an amount is the same all the way down the column this means it is growing at the same rate as inflation. Social Security is a good example of this since it's COLA adjusted each year. The amounts are the same every year. If a pension is 100% indexed to inflation, it will stay the same every year. If it's 0% indexed, it will get eaten away by inflation each year and the number will be smaller each year. Mortgages used a fixed rate, so those pay off with fixed dollars which mean you pay with cheaper dollars every year--thus you'll see those numbers go down each year.

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