Forum change?


It seems like the web site changed? What happened to the forum format? It's hard to browse topics and just learn by reading now.


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Hi Chris,

Yes, we made live a site we've been working on for some time now. This is the first day it's been live, and already we've had some good feedback and made improvements. This forum was one of the difficult things to think about in the migration to the new site. The old one had become bloated over the last ten years with thousands of posts that were no longer relevant because they refer to a bug or feature request or because the issues are simply dated and new laws and solutions now apply. Also, there was a lot of good content in the old forum that was difficult to find because it was buried. Most users just looked at the five or ten most recent posts and that was it. The search box here is better--especially when you open "advanced search."

That said, there's still some good content over there and I'm going to be migrating over some of the "best of" from there. It will take some time because I want to retain authorship on the questions/answers if I can.

I think this model will work, but of course will see. I hope you continue to ask questions here. And of course I hope I and others can provide answers. :)

Today I added a list of questions at the right --> that have recent answers. Questions with the most recent answers appear at the top of the bullet list. I also just added a "search by user" field, so a user can easily find his or her own posts or answers.

Thanks for your feedback Chris.

Being in IT, I understand the trade-offs experienced in adopting new systems, with respect to abandoning old low-value data. I concur that it should get populated fairly quickly with newer, more relevant information.

The list of topics is helpful. Some people, especially new users, will learn from being able to browse past threads.

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