Cannot add assets to an empty list


My default portfolio is empty of assets. I click New Asset, give it a name, the year range is 2006 to 2015, then I click Next. An error box comes up saying "The span of return years must be within the range 0 to 0." This happens with either Real or Nominal Return Type. Also what happened to the default asset types? I must have missed something in the various updates I skipped over.


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I'd click on RESTORE or use Shift-RESTORE and see if those assets reappear. If not, please create a support ticket and upload your database.

I am having the same problem. Release 2.35.2. Purchased 11 February 2017 ESPLannerPlus. CE showing "ESPBasic Version V03.11.p88-03. It seems that only one asset is loaded, no matter how many xml files there are in the default or dfa or private folders. Even when one asset is loaded, Monte Carlo Build Portfolio screen shows "Loaded 0 Assets at the top of the asset box". Puzzling & frustrating. I will log a support ticket. Regards, Scott C.

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Yes, my guess is that the path to asset classes in Tools/Options is not correct.

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