Real Estate, Retirement, Reserve Fund

The real estate report shows receipts, expenses, mortgage payments, net purchases and cash flow, mortgage balance and equity for income properties.

Retirement Accounts Report

This report traces the evolution through time of your and your spouse/partner’s retirement accounts. All amounts are in today’s dollars. The change in retirement accounts balances from one year to the next equals retirement account saving. Retirement account saving, in turn, equals retirement account asset income plus retirement account contributions net of withdrawals. Retirement account contributions are of three types—employee contributions, employer contributions, and Roth IRA contributions. Withdrawals of retirement account assets take into account user-inputted preferences concerning the share of non-annuitized retirement account assets to be spent.

Roth assets are preserved as long as possible because they are not subject to minimum distribution requirements.

These preferences are honored to the extent they do not violate minimum distribution requirements. When funds are withdrawn from retirement accounts by the program, the program first withdraws employer retirement account assets, then employee retirement account assets, and finally Roth retirement account assets.

Reserve Fund Report

This report shows, in today’s dollars, current and future values of the family’s reserve fund for all the years that you and your spouse/partner are potentially both alive. Once either you or your spouse/partner dies, the reserve fund is treated as part of the estate provided to the survivor; i.e., survivors are not assumed to hold or accumulate a reserve fund.

Reserve fund saving equals the sum of income earned on the reserve fund’s assets and net reserve fund contributions less payments from the reserve fund to be used to help defray taxes on reserve fund income. Note that these payments from the reserve fund that are designated to help cover taxes on reserve fund income do not necessarily fully cover the tax obligations arising from the reserve fund’s taxable income.

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