Norton 360 Antivirus Blocking

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Norton has added a new "feature" to their anti-virus software that flags download software that is from vendors yet unknown to them. It is not indicating there is a virus, but rather that it's not a company they have in the "reputation database." For this reason, it will be flagged as Reputation1 or something similar.

We've had a few users experience this problem and one offered this advice/solution:

Yes, you are correct Dan. It's a new feature in their "File Insight" Norton 360 Premier Edition. The file is quarantined until I "check" it to be excluded from any scanning now, or in the future. Norton expects users (and the company) to submit the .exe and be included in their "community" of acceptable files. It would then pass further downloads of Norton users without intervention. Once I accepted the WS.reputation1 "threat" the file downloaded and opened without problems. It has also been added to my files to download without scan! ~H

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