ESPlanner on MAC

Is it possible to run this program on a MAC or use it as a web based program on my MAC?
Thanks, Brian


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I run ESPlanner on a Mac using VMWare's Fusion software and the Windows OS... it works perfectly. Alternatively, you can run the Windows OS under Apple's Bootcamp at startup, but I'd recommend using Fusion as it's easier.

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John L.

I am looking at purchasing VMWare to run Windows on my iMac; however, I would rather not have a Windows machine connected to the internet and running on my network (too many malware issues in the past). Do you know if I can run a virtual windows machine on my iMac that is not connected to the internet? If so, can i download the ESPlanner software to my iMac and then transfer it (burn a disc or something?) to the virtual windows machine? I don't want to share files between the virtual windows machine and my mac. The other "solution" would be to buy a used PC and use it for ESPlanner but this seems sort of silly.
Brian Reynolds

I use VMWare and it works great. I had the same concerns as you about running Windows on Mac. But it really isn't a big deal because you don't have to run it continuously. I only bring up Windows when I have to which is when I need to use ESPlanner and one other program. Bringing it up simply involves starting VMWare. Then you can start Windows in a Virtual Machine. Very easy. When I am done I just do a Windows shutdown. You can run windows two ways ... one way is in a completely separate Mac window which you can maximize to full screen. Doing it this way prevents file sharing. You can copy and paste from Windows explorer to a Mac finder window and visa versa, but its not sharing. The other way is to run Windows in an integrated mode which I don't use. To the Mac, windows is just a big file and inside that file is all the Windows specific stuff that VMWare manages. When I use the internet, I always use Safari and never Windows browsers. I've been doing this for a few years and never had a malware issue. If you are still uncomfortable with it you could probably just turn off the Network in Windows and you could probably still use ESPlanner since its a desktop app. Also, the VMWare support team is great.

For whatever it's worth I use parallels and it seems to work fine.'s picture


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