Net Worth - Inputs versus Suggestions & Details

My report seems to have a major inconsistency. In the "Inputs and Assumptions" section, "Net Worth" and the other subsections like "Retirement Accounts" accurately reflect what I entered. But in the "Suggestions" section's "Net Worth" subsection, my and my spouse's starting retirement account values (for 2018) dropped to about 60% of my entered amounts when displayed in tables. These smaller values are also reflected in the "Details" section in subsections like "Joint Estate" and "Retirement Accounts". Why is a huge chunk of my assets seemingly gone?

I assume I fundamentally misunderstand what those Suggestions and Details sections are trying to tell me. Thanks for your help. [ESPlanner Plus 2.37.2]


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The inputs are amounts respective of the end of 2017, or Jan 1, 2018. The net worth and all other reports are showing the *end* of 2018 amounts, so spending or income or withdraws etc. could affect the accounting of networth at the end of the year reports.

I'm only surmising. I'd have to see your report to address specifics. You could attach it to a support ticket if you'd like me to take a look.


Thank you for your quick response. I didn't know I was supposed to enter as of the end of 2017; I recently updated ESP and updated our info as of today. But the difference between today and end of last year is a minuscule percentage, so that wouldn't explain a ~60% difference, and AFAIK I didn't enter any special spending that would have crushed my savings. I hate to open a trouble ticket for something that's almost certainly either an entry error or a misunderstanding, but I do need to understand what's wrong. I'll open a trouble ticket as you suggest. Thanks again.

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