What is the plan for Windows 10 support?


I can't find any mention of your plan to support Windows 10. Is there a plan for a relevant release?


I'm just a user, but I've already converted to Win 10 Pro (from 8.1 Pro). No problems are apparent running reports or looking at results. I suspect there isn't anything required to use ESP on Win 10.

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Thanks. Right we have not tested it and just assumed that things would run fine on the WIN 10 since the changes in the OS sound like usability changes not core software changes.

I just upgraded from Windows 8.something to Windows 10 Home build 1511. In the ESPlanner Plus About window, About ESPlanner tab, it refers to "Microsoft Windows 8 6.2 9200". It that to be expected, or is it an hint of a problem?

When I click "System Info" on that tab, it says "System Information Is Unavailable At This Time." Is that to be expected?

I didn't notice any problems when I opened one of my profiles and ran calculate.

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Right: not sure what all that information means, but many users are on Win 10 without problems.

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