Retirement Acct Withdrawals

With release 2.29 we seem to have lost the ability to start retirement account withdrawals before the age of 59. I requested this functionality last year and it was added. Now the program only starts withdrawals at 59, regardless of what is entered on the "Key Ages" tab.


I just discovered other very bad behavior related to that. In addition to the above, changing key ages is not "sticky". If I change my age of last smooth withdrawal from 100 to 80 and move to a different tab on the Retirement Accounts section, it's still 80 when I go back to that key ages tab in the same window. But, if I go to another section such as Social Security, then return to key ages, it's back to 100.

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I'll test and report.

I even tried exiting the program from the Key Ages tab, thinking it might force saving the data. It doesn't. Upon reopening the program, it was back to 100.

This will be fixed in an update that will post by tomorrow (1/18) evening. This affects a few fields on the various Retirement tabs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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