Detail Reports

The detail report provides a breakdown of information contained in the main report. You can see, for example, how what is summarized as “taxes” in the main report really comprises federal, state, and FICA amounts. This report provides a similar detailed breakdown for non-asset income, housing, real estate, retirement accounts, reserve fund, estates, and Social Security benefits.

Suggestions: Main Reports

ESPlanner’s reports are divided into two types: Main Reports and Survivor Reports. The Main Reports assume that you and your spouse/partner (if you are married) live to the maximum ages of life you specify in the Personal Data Folder. The Survivor Reports are provided for married couples only. They show reports for the wife (husband) as a survivor conditional on a pre-specified hypothetical age of death for the husband (wife). When you first click Create Reports, ESPlanner takes these assumed ages of death for survivors to be your and your spouse/partner’s current ages.

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