vacation home

How do I analyze moving into my vacation home?

I currently have two homes: my primary home and a vacation home. I am planning to sell my primary home in a few years and move into my vacation home.

However, I don't see how to model that in ESPlanner. When I indicate that I will sell my primary home without purchasing another, this doesn't seem to be retained. Also, I will be taxed at higher New York City rates if it becomes my primary residence.

Is there a way to model this in ESPlanner?


How is setup a primary, vacation, and a weekend house to sell in a specific year?

Let’s assume a primary, vacation and a weekend house. I would like to setup ESPlanner Plus to model selling any of them in a specific year. I’ve set these properties in the Real Estate screen however where does the cost show up? Does it lower Discretionary Spending? Because it is an expense, I assumed it would be in the Total Spend Report but I don’t see it.

Is there another setup someone can recommend?

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