upside investing

Modeling Adaptive Upside Investing Methodology

Hi, I have been reading a book that advocates an methodology that appears to be what I would call "rolling window" upside investing. My question is how to model this methodology with the existing software. If it is not possible, does ESPlanner allow the user to customize the Upside Investing mode? As with Upside Investing, there are two asset classes: Safe and Risky. Risky is invested 100% in the Stock Market. The Safe Assets are intended to meet spending requirements for a fixed sized "rolling window", say, 4 years.

Upside Investing

I am not sure I understand how "upside investing" is supposed to work. For example:
1. What is the rate of return on stocks?
2. When I change the amount invested in stocks each year from 0 to 50k the floor value goes DOWN substantially for the first 5 years of the plan, and stays somewhat lower through the life of the plan.
3. In general how does changing the dates for starting, and stopping converting to safe assets impact the floor value?
4. How do I think about comparing the upside investing to the "standard" smoothing plan?

What are the mechanics of Upside Investing?

It isn't clear to me exactly how the Upside Investing logic works. I have a few questions below.

Question #1 - What happens to net contributions after we start converting stocks to safe assets but before we expect to have converted all stocks to safe assets?
Let's say we will start to convert stocks to safe assets in 2020 and finish in year 2030. In year 2021 we expect a big inflow of cash which is captured in our Earnings. Where will that inflow go? Will it all be directed to safe assets? Will any be directed to risky assets?

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