special expenditures

Edit special expenditure

Is there an "easy" way to edit a special expenditure? For example, I wish to change the dollar value of an expenditure to evaluate the impact.

The only way I've found so far it to right click on the special expenditure, select "highlight matching results" and delete the expenditure. The create the expenditure again with the new dollar value.

Is there an easier way?

Why aren't special expenditures reported in last year

I observe that some special expenditures and receipts for the last year of life are not reported as spending / income. What are the guidelines for these in the last year? Are they dependent on a month? For instance, if the birth month of an individual is early in the year that is considered?

Is there a way to account for an asset management fee that a "fee only" financial planner charges?

If I am using a fee-only financial planning service, there is often a fixed percentage of assets under management fee charged by the financial planner. In ESPlanner I cannot find a way to account for such a fee, that changes each year since the value of my assets change each year. Thanks.

Request the ability to edit the year in special expenses

Frequently we are looking to do what-if analysis and a primary activity is moving different planned "Special Expenses" to different years to examine the effect of this. Currently in the Special Expenses panel you can edit the text/description, but not the year. Being able to edit the year would save having to delete, then recreate the entire entry smoothing the user experience.

Contingent Planning & Special Expenditures

I have several special expenditures within the next 10 years that would not exist if I die before their schedule dates. When I activate Contingent planning I delete them from the special Expenditures database. Does the program know to include these items if I die after they occur but to not use them if I die before they occur? It seems to me that if I delete them the program can't consider these expenses unless there is a separate Contingent database. Would appreciate a clarification.
James Mavrogenis


How best to model a future move to a Continue Care Retirement Community to make sure that such a move is financially feasible? I.e. to compute current spending level assuming such a move is desirable in the future. Involves: Sale of home, payment of entrance fee, payment of monthly fee (in lieu of other spending on housing, food, etc. Also involves: satisfying financial requirements for admission (typically, some level of assets and income.

Special Expenditures & Special Receipts

In the Special > Special Expenditures & Special Receipts tabs I've Cleared the Grid. So no values are displayed.
I'm confused as to why in the Main Report.xls I have several years of $ values in the Special Expenditures column of the Total Spending tab. Ditto for the Special Receipts column of the Total Income tab.

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