Future Value of Monthly Desposits over n Number of Years


The question of when to take Social Security still bothers me, despite hearing the arguments and seeing the impact in ESPlanner. I'm curious to see what ESPlanner would say if I took Social Security now and invested the monthly payments, versus waiting and potentially getting less, or nothing. I can easily do Future Value with an online calculator, but I'm not seeing a way to include this aspect with ESPlanner. Seems like a pretty simple thing, but I must be missing it?


Why does the ESPlanner show negative savings?


I am confused as to why ESPlanner shows negative savings under the Annual Suggestions. I don't need it for the income, there is enough of that.
In the attached image the software recommends I unsave for several years and then in the last year before retirement it suggests I borrow ~$63000. Am I missing something?

ESPlanner versus Torrid-Tech Retirement Software


Hi -

This maybe an unfair question to ask in this forum.

However, I am wondering if anyone is familiar with using both ESPlanner and Torrid-Tech Retirement software.

1) In reading reviews, I am under the impression that ESPlanner is more difficult to use than Torrid Technologies software. I am looking for an accurate program that is easy to use. Could anyone comment on this?

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