Optimize Roth conversions & drawdown between account types


I recently bought ESPlanner & it seems like a very powerful tool. There are a few areas I'd like to optimize, but I'm not sure if ESPlanner provides that capability.

1. Recommend/optimize a Roth conversion plan between when I retire and start Social Security
2. Optimize spending across accounts (taxable, tax-deferred, and Roth IRA), for both pre & post Social Security.

Traditional vs Roth 401K


I am trying to do a simply trade between contributing to a traditional 401K versus a Roth 401K. I tried simply running two cases one with traditional contributions, then one with Roth contributions. I was looking for comparison in my reported consumption. The results didn't seem to make sense for two reasons. One, I couldn't understand what interest rate is used for regular assets when money is borrowed (negative balance) versus when money is invested (positive balance).


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