Roth conversion

Modeling Large Roth Conversions

I would like to use ESPlanner to see whether making large Roth conversions that would put us in a higher tax bracket would result in an overall higher Standard of Living. My wife and I are both 63, and have been retired for 4 years. We have been making modest Roth conversions that allow us to remain in the 12% tax bracket.

I am wondering whether to boost our Roth conversions from now through age 70 to put us just below the 24% tax bracket ($168,400 in taxable income for 2019). That would be at a minimum $17,000 per person per year in conversions.

Roth / IRA conversion

In the case study "Convert Your IRA to a Roth!", it says to withdraw $300000 from the IRA and contribute $300000 to the Roth. Wouldn't the amount contributed to the Roth be less than the withdrawal due to taxes on the withdrawal? Also, do you need to start the smoothing for income after the withdrawal(s) for the Roth conversion? It seemed to include the special withdrawal in the smoothed income if I didn't do this.

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