2 portfolios same components, different results

Not by intention but I ended up with 2 different portfolios having exactly the same components: 20% large cap stocks and 80% tips. In the Monte Carlo reports, the reported returns differ. Not by much, but they're different. Is that the result of Monte Carlo testing, performed differently on each? If I ran the same report again, should I expect those returns to change, albeit minimally?

Monte Carlo portfolio statistics interpretation


Can someone explain (or provide a reference where the doco explains) how to interpret the portfolio characteristics in the Monte Carlo reports? The mean and median returns are obvious but the ratio and beta are not, in light of the footnotes.

This is an example from a real portfolio in my database:

name, mean, median, ratio, beta
Portfolio 7, 8.816530, 7.696545, 0.213744, 0.050498

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