Retirement Accounts

What if already retired when setting up a new plan?

When I set up a plan for my wife and myself it will not allow me to show a retirement date prior to the current year. My wife retired in 2013 and I did in 2014. Perhaps it really does not matter that much but it seemed odd it would not allow for an accurate date in the past?

Retirement Account Report Calculation

In the year 1, 2015, on the Retirement Account report the displayed retirement income is calculated using the real rate of return but the displayed retirement assets include retirement income that has been calculated using the nominal rate of return. Thus the displayed assets for year 1 do not equal beginning/prior assets plus displayed income. In year 2 displayed assets do equal prior assets plus year 2 displayed income. This situation also occurs on the Regular Assets report. Why is year 1 being calculated this way?

How is retirement asset income calculated

I don't quite understand how this calculation works. I entered 6% nominal return for retirement accounts, but on the Retirement Accounts Report the amount looks like 3% or less. 1st line is as follows:
Retirement asset income: 3300, EE Contribution 9500; ER Contribution 9500, Retirement savings 22300, and retirement assets 135,600. Next year's asset income is 3950.

Retirement Accounts - Data Entry - Employer Accounts vs 401k

I have a 401k Profit Sharing Plan that consists of pretax Employee 401k contributions and pretax Employer contributions and pretax rollover contributions. No Roth and No non-qualified plan funding sources.

ESP Retirement Accounts has different boxes for "Employer Accounts" and "401k ... Defined Contribution Accounts."

Does ESP treat those two funding sources of retirement accounts differently for some reason? Does ESP treat "Employer Accounts" as non-qualified plans??


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