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owned numerous rental unit, unable to assign different rent to each respective property. They all show the same amount. When I input a new one, the program wiped out the old amount and all properties show the new revenue and expense. Does the property only allow 5 properties ?

Basis after rental property improvements


For purposes of figuring tax basis for my rental property, the original building date of service was in 2004, original cost of $77,648, and accumulated depreciation of $21,821 thus far, leaving a basis of $55,827 to plug into the current year of my depreciation schedule (which I would enter in the "Basis" portion of Real Estate, General tab. However, in Sept. 2014 I took out a loan for building improvements in the amount of $180,815 that will begin their own, new 39-year depreciation schedule starting in Sept. of 2014.


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