property taxes

Temporary Property Taxes

I completed some energy efficient upgrades to my home which I am financing through a special assessment through property taxes. The increase in property taxes only lasts 20 years, but my plan goes for 30+ years. Any way to input that special tax? I would also like to use ESP to model the effect on my discretionary income of keeping vs. paying off that loan early. Thanks.

Property taxes

I live in CA, which has capped the nominal increases in property taxes (with some exceptions that don't presently apply to me) at 2% per year.
ES Planner is escalating my property taxes each year, despite the fact that my taxes are capped at a 2% increase, even when inflation is higher, such as the 3% default rate. The real dollars amount for me should go down 1% per year.
Is there a way to adjust the increase? Using a special receipts entry might work, but would leave the housing expenses wrong.

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