PDF report Error


In ESPlanner vs 2.35.2, on the "Assumptions" page of the PDF report the ages shown for "...Age of First Withdrawal For Retirement Accounts" and "...Age of Last Withdrawal for Retirement Accounts do not match the entries in the "Retirement Accounts/Key Ages" tab.

How do I solve problem generating PDF file.


When trying to generate report I get this Error message: "Couldn't open PDF file. Check to see if output filer file is already opened in the reader. Close the file and rerun the report."

I checked both the reader and Adobe Professional. No ESP file was open. I shut down the system and tried again, but got the same error message. I've tried multiple times but no PDF report is generated.

Problems creating PDF


When I try to Create a Report into a PDF, the report prints a bunch of nonsense symbols into a NotePad file. I have Adobe Reader XI installed.

I do not have Excel installed, so this is not an option.

I'm running ESPlanner on a Mac in the Windows Bootcamp environment.

Any ideas on how I might be able to get my reports into a PDF?


Steve S

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