Minimum required withdrawal

minimum distribution requirement

I have a question about minimum distribution requirements. I know the normal age at which you are required to withdraw is 70. However, I work at an academic institution and I am not required to begin minimum distributions until I actually retire from this institution. (This is the only institution at which I have worked). Is there some way to modify the age at which minimum distributions begin? Thanks.

How to Set Up a 72t?

I'd like to set up a 72t annuitization of some of my retirement assets. I've allocated a percentage in the Smooth Withdrawal window. I left everything to their default values in the Choice of Annuity screen. I changed the load to 0% in the Assumptions screen because I wouldn't be using a broker for this (I would be dealing directly with Vanguard).

I'd like the annuity to start when I'm 53 and then stop when I'm 60. How would I set that up? So far, I've only been able to set up the annuity to run out near then end of my life. I'd like it to stop sooner.

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