Medicare Part D

Medicare Part B Premium Error?


Thanks for the great improvements to ESPlanner!
I've notice what I think are two errors.
• In ESP ver 2.33 the medicare premium when my spouse dies, 3 years before me, should be 50% of our joint premium but it is not. It's only reduced by 30% expect the last year of my life when it drops to 1/2.
• I also noticed that for 2016 the premium is $127 higher than the actual $104.90 premium/person/month. How was this calculated? it increases in 2017 and beyond to $121.79/person/month
James Mavrogenis

How should I reflect Medicare Part B premiums paid by a post-retirement health and welfare benefit fund?


My wife and I are eligible for post-retirement medical benefits arising from her employment. Once we are both on Medicare (at age 65), all of our Part B and other medical insurance premiums will be covered by the (then) former employer's plan.
ESPlanner automatically calculates the Part B premiums, which is a great feature, especially given that the premiums can increase based on income.
My question is how should I account for the Part B premiums being paid for by the retirement plan?

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