lump sum

how to model deferred lump sum pension?

I have a Cash Balance Plan defined benefit pension. It's defined contribution by the employer while employed, then the balance is available to me as a defined benefit at retirement. The cash balance can be used to purchase an annuity or taken as a lump sum and rolled over to an IRA. (I also could take it as a lump sum and pay income taxes on it, if I wished.)

I currently have it modeled as a lump sum rollover by setting my last year's employer retirement match as the amount I'd normally get as my match, plus the balance of that cash balance plan.

How do I enter income from taking a reverse mortgage?

I currently have about $57K in mortgage. In about 4 years, I plan to take a reverse mortgage, using the proceeds to pay off the mortgage and then spending the remainder as needed. How should this be entered? I thought of just using special expenditures and special receipts, but that doesn't eliminate the monthly mortgage payment I have today. I also thought of using First Change in home by showing the sale and subsequent purchase of a new home with no loan. Please advise. Also, is there a way to model using a monthly payment from the reverse mortgage provider vs.

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