key ages

Key ages - age at last withdrawal


I've been running scenarios using a key age of last withdrawal of 100. Recently I ran a new scenario using 90 instead of 100. I was surprised to see that the spreadsheet "Annual" tab shows a lower annual consumption using 90 instead of 100. Everything else stayed the same. Am I missing something?


Defining age in "Key Ages"


I'm writing regarding the following appears in the 'help' blurb when viewing this tab in Retirement are asked to input

"Age of last contribution to retirement accounts."

My last IRA contrib was in 2012. In 2013, I didn't make any IRA contrib'ns however I did make a Roth IRA contrib'n. So which would it be since there's no attention paid to the difference?

Key ages and smooth withdrawals


For the benefit of others, I'll share an approach I just devised that seems to work well for me. Instead of assuming smooth withdrawal over my lifetime with an expected age of 100, I'm setting my smooth withdrawal end date to the year I'm 71. That's the year after I start withdrawing SS.

This works for me because my wife and I have retirement accounts of approximately equal value, she's a few years younger than me, and will continue working 3 years after I retire. In the current scenario, that's early 2018 for me and early 2021 for her.

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