self-employment income


I'm contemplating leaving full-time employment and taking a contractor job. That would be paid as 1099 wages. I see that ESP+ has a tab for self-employment income which is where I assume I'd record those earnings.

The SS section refers to copying income from the employee tab of the earnings section. But won't I have to pay into SS from my 1099 income? Is that income not reflected in SS history? If not automatically, how do I account for the fact I'd be paying self-employment payroll taxes?

efficient retirement withdrawals

Has anyone figured an efficient way to model retirement withdrawals from ROTH and traditional accounts? I figure it's some combination of ROTH and traditional each year and it can be tested on the special withdrawals screen, but it looks like it would take a lot of trial and error to figure it out. When I do withdrawals all from the traditional first, I end up paying no taxes at the end, which must mean I'd be paying too much tax early on, when it would make sense to seek a lower bracket.

Non-deductible traditional IRA modeling - how to enter existing IRA balance?


I saw and was able to understand the previous tip from 2014 on how to model non-deductible IRAs future contributions in the special expenditures and special receipts tab. My feeble mind is having trouble figuring out best way to model an existing non-deductible traditional IRA balance. In my example, have one 3-year old traditional non-deductible IRA with after-tax contributions of $5500/year = $16,500, plus tax-deferred income of $1854 for total current balance of $18,354. Any additional tips or clarity from more advanced users on best way to enter this would be most appreciated.

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