Home Refinance

How to Model Future ReFi of Current Mortgage?


I plan to retire in approx 3 years and want to model refinancing my mortgage at that time (after having made extra payments during those years). I don't see how to do that in ESP. The primary home section asks for current mortgage and has a section for a change of primary home which assumes selling the current home and buying a new one. But that is not what I want to model. I want the program to reflect my current mortgage but then model refinancing it 3 years out at retirement. How?

Home Remodel and Equity Line

I must be missing something obvious, but how do model out the scenario where we do a home addition/remodel in 2016 and finance it using an existing home equity line? The "first change of homes" screen does not seem appropriate, but putting the data in this year (as if it has been done) distorts the analysis. Thanks for any suggestions.

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