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Health Care Costs

I have a couple questions on Health Care costs. I see that the program will estimate medicare part b costs when my wife and I are 65. I plan to retire at 62, so I assume I will need to calculate health care costs from 62 to 65 for me and for my wife until she is 65. Would these be special expenditures?

What would be the best resource to estimate these costs? I see AARP has a health care cost estimator, is that what others use or is there something better?

Will there be updates to include Health Care subsidies?

If you are younger than age 65 you may qualify for health care subsidies and are required to carry health care insurance. Figuring the subsidy manually is a bit obtuse since it is based on your household’s MAGI (modified adjusted gross income).

This calculation should be included in ESPlanner output.

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