First Change of Home

How to model moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

How would you suggest modeling in 12 years selling our primary home and using the proceeds to use as the entrance fee (which would then be 90% refundable at our deaths to our estate)for a CCRC. We would also have a monthly maintenance fee. It is not a "purchase" nor is it exactly a "rental" given the refund of the entrance fee (or "downpayment").


How best to model a future move to a Continue Care Retirement Community to make sure that such a move is financially feasible? I.e. to compute current spending level assuming such a move is desirable in the future. Involves: Sale of home, payment of entrance fee, payment of monthly fee (in lieu of other spending on housing, food, etc. Also involves: satisfying financial requirements for admission (typically, some level of assets and income.

First change of home

I entered a change of first home (primary), but the reports do not reflect the result I expected. Our current home is (sadly) not appreciating so I entered a negative appreciation rate to offset the inflation rate. So the value of the current home should remain stable. I anticipate we will downsize, with the future home costing $150,000 less than our current home. I expected to see the $150,000 reflected somehow (when I divested our vacation home in ESPlanner, it showed the sale as negative spending).

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