ex-spousal benefits

Social Security Ex-Spousal Benefit

My wife's ex-spouse died and she's now going to receive a 50% increase in her SS benefits because 100% of his benefit when he died is greater than the benefit she is receiving based on her earnings. The question I have is how to enter her new benefit so that ESP can calculate her future SS benefits. She does not have her ex-spouses earnings record and no way to obtain them. Should I enter the new benefit amount in the Social Security tab and delete all her past covered earnings?

Social Security Ex-Spousal Benefits 66-70

Both my domestic partner of 16 years and I plan to take our respective Social Security Divorcee Ex-Spousal Benefits starting this year from age 66-70 while letting our own retirement benefits grow 8% a year until age 70. I entered this into the annuity section as an a guaranteed annuity for 4 years. However, it seems to put each annuity in for the entire year rather than by age as the Social Security section does (which creates partial year amounts depending on birthday month).

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