Specifying Home


ESPanner's "Guide" for the "Estate" tab says the following:
"If you specify that you want to retain your home through the end of your life, the program will use the terminal home equity to cover bequest and funeral expenses of the last survivor. This is why the spending reports refer to excess funerals and bequests."
My question is where do I specify Whether or not I want the home value to be used for end-of-life expenses?
James Mavrogenis

Estate calculation


Hi, I have a question about the estate calculation. In my example I am married and have 350,000 in housing equity and both my wife and I have bequests. Looking at the estate tabs, the full 350,000 housing equity is counted in both of our estates. Is this overstating our individual estates and incorrectly determining what's available for our bequests? (v2.30.2)

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