Forgot to copy Social Security covered earnings to Future Covered Earnings


My reports were looking odd, especially the amount of social security tax paid each year, until I realized that I'd changed my salary in the Earnings tab, but it hadn't been updated in the Social Security / Future Covered Earnings tab. The Future Earnings tab has a "copy" button, but that's easy to forget when the salary editing is being done elsewhere.

Earnings & Taxes during Retirement


This is my 3rd run of ESPlanner since I retired June 1, 2013. Last year, and this year 2016, I have done a bit of consulting.
1) Am I correct to put that Income on the Earnings page under Self Employment Earnings after setting the retirement age to 1/1/2016?
2) Will the program then treat me as retired for the entire 2016?

Exactly what is included in the wages I enter?


From the help: "Enter wages gross of employee contributions to retirement accounts. (Enter those contributions under Retirement Accounts.) Enter wages net of (excluding) all other non-taxable employee payments, like contributions to health plans."
Just to be clear - The wage number entered includes 401K deductions, tax deductions, social security deductions and all taxable deductions. All non-taxable deductions are not included. Is that correct?

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