Contingent Planning

Contingency Planning and Annuities

I'm unclear about the survivor results in Contingency Planning when the Key Ages for converting my 403b and IRAs are set to a later date than the date I'll die (e.g., 70 for the accounts vs 66 for death). The idea is for my spouse to let the accounts continue to grow if they're not needed right away. If the dates are set as above (date of death precedes key age) then in the Survivor Report there's no income from the above in the Annuities column even though my spouse is the 100% beneficiary. I suppose I'm missing at setting here but I'm stumped right now.

Contingent Planning Report

When I run a report with contingent planning activated I don't see any difference compared to the report with contingent planning deactivated. My wife & I are both retired in our late 70s. I have entered special expenses for each of us for the remaing years but under the contingent tab I deleted those expenses. However, the report still shows all those special expense totals for each year. If I run a survior report I do see differences but then I have to pick a year of death. The benefit of running a contingent report was not having to guess when you'd die.

special withdrawals in contingent reports

In normal circumstances I use special withdrawals in some years to keep regular assets > 0. That avoids breaks in our LSPA.

When I run contingent reports my wife's LSPA has a break due to insufficient regular assets in future years. How do I model special withdrawals in her contingent plan. I see retirement contributions but not special withdrawals.


Contingent Planning and Mortgage

I enabled contingent planning, and under primary residence I indicated that upon my death the rent I would pay would be 0, and there would be no new home. I also entered a special expenditure assuming my wife would go into assisted living (Cheery scenario). When I ran a report the housing details show that my mortgage balance is 0 as of 2015, as is the mortgage expense; property taxes are still showing. The correct mortgage balance shows when I don't use contingent planning.

Smooth Withdrawals and Contingent Plans

Under the "Retirement Accounts -> Key Ages" tab in ESPlanner, I've configured smooth withdrawals from my retirement accounts to begin at age 60 and end when I turn 69. However, under a contingent plan I want to model if my spouse died before me, I'd want my smooth withdrawals to start at age 60 but continue until my death.

Is there a way to change (or override) the beginning and ending ages for smooth withdrawals when contingency planning?

If there is, I can't seem to find it. If there isn't, can it please be added in a future release?

Thank you!

Contingent Planning & Special Expenditures

I have several special expenditures within the next 10 years that would not exist if I die before their schedule dates. When I activate Contingent planning I delete them from the special Expenditures database. Does the program know to include these items if I die after they occur but to not use them if I die before they occur? It seems to me that if I delete them the program can't consider these expenses unless there is a separate Contingent database. Would appreciate a clarification.
James Mavrogenis

Contingent Planning

I've used E$Planer for several years, but just setup contingent planning for the first time. My spouse and I are just past our mid-fifties and she's currently out of the work force. Her standard of living is extremely low until retirement age even though my life insurance currently exceeds the the recommended amount in the standard report. The survivor spreadsheets clearly show my retirement assets transfer to her; is it necessary to enter a special revenue entry for the year she receives my life insurance benefit?

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