Social Security Projections

Over $100 difference between ESP(higher) and AnyPIA from S.S. downloaded program
Seems small, but for me it makes a difference in my planning. I know social security figures a little low but this difference has me question which source to believe. Maybe I'm asking too much & I realize both are just estimates but... Anyone have first hand knowledge in the accuracy of either program to actual payed out benefits?
ESP at 66-2141....S.S.-2037

ESPlanner versus Torrid-Tech Retirement Software


Hi -

This maybe an unfair question to ask in this forum.

However, I am wondering if anyone is familiar with using both ESPlanner and Torrid-Tech Retirement software.

1) In reading reviews, I am under the impression that ESPlanner is more difficult to use than Torrid Technologies software. I am looking for an accurate program that is easy to use. Could anyone comment on this?

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