borrowing constraint

How to get Lifetime Smooth Consumption Amount while cash constrained?

I have found that if I set the borrowing constraint to $50,000, that ESPlanner is unable to provide a Lifetime Smooth Consumption Amount. Instead, it provides four very different Smooth Consumption Amounts for 4 distinct periods (e.g., 2016-2021, 2022-2025, and 2016-2027, 2028 and later).

If I set the borrowing constraint to $500,000, then ESPlanner is able to find a Lifetime Smooth Consumption Amount. However, in this case, the borrowing reaches $367,000 in 2017, which is unrealistic for me.

maximum Indebtedness--simple questions

I'm sure this has been answered plenty, but my search function keeps sending me back to the Home page. Here's the question, then:
How to comprehend "maximum indebtedness" in the Assumptions section?
I realize that it is just a means for showing how to smooth the projections. But is it only theoretical-- how might it work in reality?

Standard of Living adjustment

I've Retired early and I'm income constrained for a few years until Social Security begins. Is there a way that I can have ESP increase withdrawals from my IRA's for a few years to increase (and smooth) income. I tried changing Std of Living to a number greater than 100% for these years with no change that I can see in the PDF report. I also tried decreasing Std of Living for my remaining years after this period with no apparent change either. Should this method work and is something broken, and/or is there a better way to accomplish this?

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