Cannot add assets to an empty list


My default portfolio is empty of assets. I click New Asset, give it a name, the year range is 2006 to 2015, then I click Next. An error box comes up saying "The span of return years must be within the range 0 to 0." This happens with either Real or Nominal Return Type. Also what happened to the default asset types? I must have missed something in the various updates I skipped over.

How are different asset classes in regular assets treated?

Regular assets include cash, money market, mutual funds, etc. It appears that all regular assets are lumped together when implementing (selecting) a portfolio in monte carlo mode. Obviously, each of these asset classes have different rates of return. Are these classes treated differently? If not, how can I better segregate these classes?

More pre-defined asset choices?


In arranging my portfolios (taxable, retirement) in Planner Plus, the pre-defined asset choices available do not include a full set of bond (fund) choices, such as short-term and intermediate-term corporate bonds, mid-cap domestic stocks, etc. This forces me to substitute assets I hold with long-term corporates in the model, which I would expect to have wider variance of returns because of interest rate sensitivity during Monte Carlo modeling.

Creating Asset File (*.zip) to import

The program offers a way to import an asset file ("File"/"Import Asset Data ...") but the way to create this file is not documented in the Help Manual and not mentioned in the Forum. I presume the expectation of ESPlanner-Plus is that the file was created from an external source, but I cannot determine that from the documentation. A similar quandary arises in the Social Security section, where the invitation (via a radio button) to "paste from" is offered but again without documentation nor reference in the Help Manual.

Regular Asset Interest Rate

It has been my experience that you don't get the same interest rate for borrowing versus saving - hence banks make money. Does ESPlanner use the same interest rate for negative regular assets (i.e. borrowing money) and positive regular assets (i.e. money in a bank account)? Is this interest rate set by "Assumptions/Nominal RoR/Regular Assets"? If rate is the same for borrowing and saving, then how can I indicate/set a difference? If rate is not the same, explain how ESPlanner accounts for this and how I need to set inputs.

Custom assets for use in all profiles?


It's a pain, but I created a custom asset by replicating the XML format for one of the DFA funds. That way it's available to all profiles without having to add it multiple times. That also prevents data entry errors.

There's got to a better way. Is there? Maybe just create a way to export XML from an Excel spreadsheet provided by ESPlanner?

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