IRS regulatory changes toward holding QLACs in IRAs are fairly new. Does ESP accommodate them? It seems not, since there's only one annuity supported on the "Annuities" (sic) tab of Pensions and Annuities. Yes, it supports two annuities if you count both partners, but what if I have multiple annuities?

Since it doesn't seem to handle QLACs explicitly, can anyone suggest how to model one? Maybe fake it with a pension?




annuity information sources


Can someone suggest a public source of information about available annuities, without engaging a broker? I'm comparing the benefits of placing about 30% of my retirement assets in a fixed annuity, at retirement. The assumptions I entered makes it beneficial to take that approach (to the tune of 1.5% increase in LSPA) but I have no clue whether my annuity settings are realistic.

I really don't want to talk to a broker right now. I'm just looking for published information about annuities, such as what I can find on mortgage broker web sites. Is there such a thing?


How to Set Up a 72t?

I'd like to set up a 72t annuitization of some of my retirement assets. I've allocated a percentage in the Smooth Withdrawal window. I left everything to their default values in the Choice of Annuity screen. I changed the load to 0% in the Assumptions screen because I wouldn't be using a broker for this (I would be dealing directly with Vanguard).

I'd like the annuity to start when I'm 53 and then stop when I'm 60. How would I set that up? So far, I've only been able to set up the annuity to run out near then end of my life. I'd like it to stop sooner.

load on annuity


Can someone elaborate on how the load on annuities works within the program? I don't and won't have any annuities as investments. I'm using it only as a tool to model smooth withdrawals before SS benefits kick in. Since it's all my own money in the first place and I'll get 100% of it back, should I use 0 load?

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