Accounting for WEP and GPO in ESPlanner

Effect of Foreign Pension on Spousal Benefit

Background Info...
- Eligible for Social Security (SS) based on my work record
- Eligible for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) based on my work record
- Eligible for a Canadian defined benefit (DB) pension based on my work record

My wife:
- Eligible for CPP based on her work record
- Eligible for SS spousal benefit based on my work record

Social Security WEP Calculation

We have been using ESPlanner for years trusting that it was accounting for the WEP calculation in our benefits. Our state pensions from non-covered employment are entered as "not covered" and our past covered earnings are accurate. Now as my wife is planning on taking SS in November we compared ESP's calculation of her annual benefit of $12481 against SS' calculation using the WEP Online Calculator. The online calculator comes out as $9960 annual benefit. ESP (if SS is to be believed) is not factoring in the WEP reduction. Any ideas?

Does WEP apply to spousal social security benefits?

All my earnings over the past 44 years (I am currently 61 and retired) were social security covered. I never worked in any state jobs. My wife had only 7 years of social security covered earnings (1976 to 1982) which did not result in enough credits for her to receive her own social security benefit. However, my wife has worked on a state job the last 14 years and will get a state pension.

Does ESPlanner adjust Social Security Income for WEP and GPO?

My spouse has 17 years working in a state school district that did not take out social security (she essentially gets a pension, like social security, from the state). [She also has about 7 years of previous social security contributions.] As a result I understand her Social Security income is reduced due to the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.

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