zero federal tax PLUS a state refund?

ESPlanner is telling me I'll pay virtually no federal taxes for the next 27 years. I'm also fortunate to be the projected recipient of annual NC state tax refunds amounting to $500 - $900 per year. I'm retired and will claim SS in another two years.

I can kind of see why I might pay little federal tax under SS rules for couples with relatively low "combined income" that might render half of SS un-taxable if I understand correctly. But zero? Is that a common result for someone in retirement?

And why would NC be paying refunds? I don't expect to be paying estimated state tax or earning income?

Also: I need to buy the annual renewal for ESPlanner, but the link isn't working.

Thanks -


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Hi Richard,
If you create a support ticket, I can take a look and see if I can make sense of the taxes. You can upload the database to a support ticket.

To renew, you would just purchase the same software you have now, but it will ring up at the renewal price.

And I'd also urge you to look at now as maybe a good time to switch over to our web-based version of ESPlanner, MaxiFi Planner.

I don't know what you mean by refunds. You wouldn't see negative amounts in the state tax columns I don't think.


Hi Dan,
Thanks, I'll create a support ticket. I am getting negative numbers in state income tax column of report. Sounds like something's wrong.

I went back to pay my annual renewal but no success. I click on the link saying "Purchase $70 annual renewal," and it walks me all the way to the PAY NOW button still showing a $149 purchase.


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I'll look now Richard. On the renew, make sure you choose to renew PLUS and not the non-Plus version. And make sure you are signed in when you try it.

Right--I forgot to select PLUS when renewing, so the system apparently didn't recognize me as a user. All set now.

Thanks and sorry for the bother.

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