Does anyone here use YNAB and, if so, how did you adapt YNAB's budget model to correspond to the groups assumed by ESP?

I'm a long time Quicken user and am evaluating different budget tool options. I don't hate Quicken, I'm just considering alternatives. I tried the new YNAB and found it lacking. Now I'm playing with YNAB4 which has far more robust reporting capabilities. Unfortunately, it's totally lacking in tax projection and investment management, but maybe I don't need all that?

Anyway, if someone has positive experience with YNAB in combination with ESP, I'd appreciate hearing your perspective.


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I have not used that. I do try to look at my household discretionary spending and divide by 12 and then determine in broad categories where that money is going.

I have used YNAB for a year now and really like it.
Stopped using Quicken and converted to YNAB.

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